EDH: Best Equipment to Run

Recently, I’ve started experimenting with different EDH decks. At first, I had a Selvala, Explorer Returned, Elf-based combo deck, but this deck quickly became boring, and felt underpowered to the group I was playing with. So I began searching for a new deck to play. After trying several different brews, I came up with the idea of doing either an Abzan or Esper mid-range deck. I started to look into what each of these decks had to offer, and something unexpected happened. For my latest birthday, I received several Magic-related gifts; one of these was From the Vault: Lore Umezawa’s Jitte. Mystified, I started experimenting and playing with it, since I’d never played with Jitte in Magic before.

I soon realized that Equipment is a very potent, powerful card type that can let any creature become a threat and adds immense versatility to any mid-range deck. This got me thinking about Equipment in Commander. I began researching, and I wish to share my findings. This is what I’ve found on the most versatile and potent Equipment in EDH.


Everybody knows that the swords are good; each one gives +2/+2 and protection from two colors on the equipped creature. For the cost, this is amazing – but there’s more! Each sword has a different set of two on-color effects whenever the equipped creature deals combat damage to a player. It’s debatable which sword has the “best” effects, but some stand out over the others. I personally decided to run three or four of these swords in my EDH deck, along with many methods of tutoring. By utilizing these tutors, I can grab any sword I need, which can swing the game in my favor. The swords are extremely powerful that can be used to both to disrupt and win games.

As mentioned before, this card is very strong. It’s been referred to as the best piece of equipment to have ever been printed, and has also been described as “unbeatable” in Limited games. This one card does so much for an extremely low cost. I’ve used it many times to kill indestructible commanders or pump up my creature to win the game. This card lacks the sheer stopping power and effects of the swords, but compensates with versatility. The Jitte can create massive advantages for you, and if it isn’t dealt with immediately, it can completely take over a game.

This card – a Commander classic (pretty much an auto-include) – can enable and protect many things in the format. The low cost of only two colorless mana allows this card to come down soon, but the Equip cost of zero is what makes this card truly amazing. It can attach to any creatures you need, and gives them two very powerful abilities: Shroud gives the creature protection from any targeted removal (which is extremely relevant in a format so rich with kill/bounce spells); Haste gives the creature the ability to attack or utilize an activated ability the turn it comes into play. I’ve personally seen this card win many games, as it enables plays that wouldn’t have been possible without it.

When you need a creature to stick, this is the card to play. The cheap cost of playing and equipping this card is great, but it’s its ability that makes it so powerful. The ability to make a creature indestructible is extremely powerful on its own, but the fact that Darksteel Plate itself is indestructible makes removing the creature a hassle. This card can be used to protect important commanders or creatures that have value in the current game. Overall, it’s an extremely powerful card that both protects your creatures and allows you to stay in the game longer.

A hammer that casts spells? Yes, please. This great piece of equipment can be used to cast a myriad of different spells. By detaching Sunforger, you gain access to powerful spells like Render Silent, Mortify, or Boros Charm. This card’s stat bonuses aren’t anything special when compared to other pieces of equipment, but the spell toolbox that’s enabled when this card is played is amazing.

Drawing two cards for one colorless mana is a trade many would be happy to make. This card is staggeringly cheap, and can create massive card advantage in a deck built to abuse it. When combined with tokens or a recursion strategy, this piece of equipment can provide massive amounts of card draw while also powering a Sacrifice/Graveyard Matters deck.

This card is integral to some decks: it allows for recursions, which can be very important for commanders, or decks that care about creatures dying repeatedly. It can even be used in a combo with Ashnod’s Altar to create infinite creatures/mana/enter-the-battlefield effects.

These are some of the great pieces of equipment out there, and there are many, many more great pieces that I didn’t include, since I haven’t played with them yet. Feel free to leave a comment below about your favorite Equipment in Commander.

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