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    Sylvan Studies Team

    New members may introduce themselves to the forums here.

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    Sylvan Studies Team

    Hey! I’m LooseWire and I’m a habitual player of magic and a memeber of the Sylvan Studies Team. I love brewing stupid combo decks that have a one in a million chance of going off (it makes them more fun when they do). I try to be a helpful and kind magic player and person in general. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.

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    Hey I’m a relatively new player of magic. My favorite decks are reanimate, cats, and death and taxes! I also really like EDH/Commander

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    Guild Mage

    Hey all!

    I’m Greymoran and I’ve been a magic player ever since I could add and subtract. My dad got me into the game to begin with and although I frequently find myself too busy to play regularly, I do enjoy me some MTG. Outside of my Magic life, I’m an avid D&D player and more frequently Dungeon Master. I make no promises with response time on this website, but if it’s urgent ask zebotc, he knows how to get ahold of me.

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    Michael Perez
    Guild Mage

    Hey guys, Im Mikamuchi! I’ve been playing Magic since Urza’s block. I mainly play Modern, Legacy and EDH and have a pure unadulterated hatred of Standard. My decks are Modern MonoUTron, Legacy DnT, and Azusa/Teferi/selvala ER/Kytheon for EDH. I am currently a Mass Comm. journalism major and 4 year Army Infantry Veteran. I pride myself on being the best magic player I can, and am always willing to teach newer players the competitive way to play. feel free to ask me anything pertaining to my decks!

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