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    I walked into Joella’s not expecting much because of it being a fried chicken joint, what I expected is what I got. I went through the confusing and useless 2 lines they had and approached the cashier who wasn’t very friendly but they took my order so I can’t complain. I sat down and waited for my food their “crafted sodas” tasted strongly of syrup and didn’t feel very refreshing and when I went to get a water the color had been tainted by the fruit punch leaving me with a cup of pink water. I received my food, I had ordered the chicken wings with a side of fries. First of all I would like to talk about the sides, there aren’t very many and the ones they do have are very mediocre, none really stood out so I figured my best bet was to go with the fries, which were fine but nothing special. The chicken was alright the outside was somewhat too soggy and a lot of it fell off of my chicken before I had eaten it. The sauce was alright there were very limited choices when it came to flavor of the heat unless you ordered the spiked honey which is $0.60 extra, besides that you have your normal low, medium,and hot heat with their hottest being “fire in da hole”. Overall the store felt very unorganized the staff specifically cashiers seemed confused. In conclusion the food was alright, the customer service could’ve been better and I left unsatisfied with the $10 I had paid for mediocre chicken.

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