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    I listen to a pretty broad variety tbh…
    Here are some examples of my top favorite stuff from each genre:
    Instrumental – Good for thinking…
    ElectroSwing – A newer genre for me, kind of quirky
    Outside of those, some of my favorite artists are The Script, Andy Grammer, Fall Out Boy, Ben Rector, OneRepublic, and Owl City

  • I was talking to zebotc the other day and we were talking about new features that we could possibly implement to this website. Aside from needing to fill the content that has already been promised, what features would be helpful for you all as Magic players of varying experience?

  • So I created my account today and noticed that the confirmation email that I needed to finish registering my account got sent to my spam (I use gmail) rather than my other inboxes. Not sure if there’s anything on the website administration side that can be done to fix this, but I wanted to post this so that any people who are new to the site can…[Read more]

  • Hey all!

    I’m Greymoran and I’ve been a magic player ever since I could add and subtract. My dad got me into the game to begin with and although I frequently find myself too busy to play regularly, I do enjoy me some MTG. Outside of my Magic life, I’m an avid D&D player and more frequently Dungeon Master. I make no promises with response time…[Read more]

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