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  • Yisan, the Wanderer Bard EDH Primer
      Do you like big creatures? Powerful artifacts? Midrange, Aggro, and control? Do you like to beat face but also win with ridiculous combos that will make your opponents’ jaws drop to the ground? If you answered yes to any or all of those ...
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  • Mana Creation Artifacts
    Management of your mana resources is incredibly important throughout the game. In Commander, for example, powerful, high mana cost spells are cast back to back. To help with this, players use different types of artifacts that can create mana on the ...
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  • You Want to Respond to That? How the Stack Works
    My ability triggered, what now? Does it resolve? Guide to understanding the stack and priority — Last in First out When I first started playing Magic, one of the most confusing concepts to me was the stack. It was mystifying, and it took me ...
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  • The Chinese Zodiac in Magic the Gathering
    Happy Lunar New Year everyone! The Chinese Zodiac is a popular part of Chinese Mythology that influences character and story elements in a multitude of games and other forms of entertainment; such as Pokemon, Persona, and Fire Emblem. Magic the ...
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  • Pauper: Abzan Tortured Existence
    Today we will be covering what is in my opinion, one of the most versatile decks in all of Pauper, . is a creature based deck that focuses on using its namesake enchantment to recycle creatures over and over, making use of enter the battlefield ...
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  • EDH: Azami Lady of Scrolls
    So, you say you want to draw cards, eh? You say you want to draw lots of cards? Good cards? Game winning cards, perhaps? Well, today, I present to you Magic’s latest and greatest in card drawing technology. That of course is, Azami Lady of ...
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  • The Leylines of Magic
    To win a game of Magic, you need to delegate your resources, while also maintaining a strong presence on the battlefield. As a player, you need to realize when it is important to cast certain spells to either win the game, or get yourself out of ...
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  • Pauper: Dimir Delver Breakdown
    Today, we will be covering one of my favorite decks in all of Pauper, Blue Black Delver. Blue and Black just seem to work perfectly together in Pauper. Blue is full of great utility like counterspells, bounce, and card draw. But other than bouncing ...
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