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February’s card for our Card of the Month series takes us to the plane of Kaladesh, where we will be taking a look at a Planeswalker who has caused a lot of commotion in both Standard and Modern alike – a Planeswalker by the name of Saheeli Rai.

You may be asking yourself, What’s the big deal? Why are people so excited about this new card?

Well, it can do something pretty exciting and quite powerful. Without much assistance, Saheeli Rai is able to perform an infinite combo. By playing a creature such as Felidar Guardian and then using Saheeli‘s -2 to create a copy of it, a player can produce an innumerable amount of tokens. When the copy comes into play, target Saheeli with its flicker ability; this effectively resets her and lets you use her -2 again. Rinse and repeat the same process to make infinite tokens, and then attack with all of them for the win.

This combo reminds many players of the Splinter Twin deck, which was banned from Modern not too long ago. Although it’s too soon to tell if it will be as powerful as the Splinter Twin combo, this hasn’t stopped players from frantically compiling new decks around it.

What do you think? Is this combo going to break formats and reshape the way we play Magic? Or is it overhyped and too slow to make any impact? Be sure to leave a comment with your opinion down below, and come back next month for March’s pick.



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