Kaladesh Block Charging Into Eternal Formats

With the recent full release of the Kaladesh block many aspects of various Standard decks have been significantly affected, and even some new increasingly powerful strategies have cropped up, such as Saheeli Combo. But how has this block begun to alter the eternal scene? What cards in it can we expect to stick around long after they have rotated out of the whims of Standard’s grasp? Well today we are going to explore just that, from Legacy to Modern and EDH, Kaladesh has sure begun to leave its mark on Magic as a whole.

This list is in no particular order, and in the future there may be more or less cards seeing play. Anyways without further ado let’s check out some cards.


Inventors Fair has begun to see substantial play in various strategies throughout Modern and Legacy. Some noteworthy decks include, Modern’s Lantern Control and Legacy MUD.

Lantern Control is a modern deck that revolves around Codex Shredder and Lantern of Insight to slowly filter the top cards of you and your opponents deck in effect locking them out of crucial draws. In Lantern Control the bustling fair provides with it the ability to very easily search for win conditions, and other various lock pieces when in sticky situations, such as Ensnaring Bridge, Engineered Explosives, and even Pithing Needle if necessary. However the other ability the fair brings is by no means useless, in fact that one life a turn can be the difference between pulling out a win or getting sweeped, especially in Modern. For a slow control deck such as Lantern Control, even one life point can make or break a game.

MUD is a Legacy deck that has been around for quite some time, the strategy generally revolves around big mana production and playing out incredibly high impact, large cmc artifact creatures. The fair’s second ability to tutor up an artifact can help the deck find win conditions with much ease, and it can be activated easily before turn 4. While it is not incredibly impactful in the deck, it acts similarly to how Eye of Ugin was for Tron.

By far the most discussed card for Eternal in the set. Fatal push is already seeing play in almost all midrange and control strategies from Modern to Legacy. The card definitely has incredible potential in both formats and could even push various control and midrange decks that run black in Modern to tier one status, such as, Grixis Control and Junk. Fatal Push has even begun seeing play in more fringe Legacy strategies that are beginning to gain traction again, such as Landstill. The card is just good, it’s essentially a black Swords to Plowshares, although it can’t hit important targets like Griselbrand.

This duo of cards has yet to see play in any Eternal format, besides some testing. However the Saheeli combo definitely has the potential to become the new go to combo deck for Modern. While being almost identical to the Splinter Twin combo, it does have one fairly large downside. It can’t be activated at instant speed. However Saheeli’s added benefit of being a planeswalker, and therefore not incredibly interactable could easily make up for this. It’s yet to be seen if this deck will become a true force in the Modern meta game, but it definitely has potential.

The Consol has mostly only seen play in one strategy, but none the less it still has made some impact. Some of Modern’s BW Eldrazi and Taxes lists have begun running this card in the sideboard, and sometimes as a 1-2 of main deck. It is definitely a fairly powerful taxing card, draining your opponent of life and gaining you extra points, but being 3 cmc and fairly fragile makes the Consol not as ideal.

Another card that has been heavily discussed for Modern. Whether you consider it bad or good, the format has always lacked strong counter spell support and Disallow could be the blue spell Modern needs to make Control more viable. Not to mention the ability to counter an activated ability can be pretty powerful in the right meta.

Smugglers’ Copter has been seeing the most play in Frontier and Legacy decks. While not being incredibly popular in Legacy, it has been tested to smooth out Dragon Stompy’s draws. However in Frontier, the card is almost dominated the meta as it did in Standard before it was banned.

Check out our article on Smugglers’ Copter here for more info.

Cathartic Reunion already helped to throw a strategy in Modern over the edge and get hit by the ban hammer. That strategy being Dredge, the red draw spell is just a strict upgrade from Tormenting Voice (which Dredge was previously running) and sped up the decks consistency considerably.

This one is very interesting. There was talk of it breaking Modern, and speculation of possible Legacy playability. However it hasn’t really done much at all, and actually the Modern Tron community has decided that it’s just not as good as running a consistent amount of similar win conditions such as Emrakul. People say if you play it at all, play it as a one or two of and don’t rely on it to win every game. The card can definitely be useful to search for a powerful planeswalker such as Ugin or Karn, but the general consensus is that it’s a good support card and not much more.

Cataclysmic Gearhulk is a bomb in multiplayer EDH games, if can be played to great success in any control deck looking to run white, and can be incredibly good in green white based creature decks. Big mana decks, and green tutor decks that run cards such as Green Sun’s Zenith and Chord of Calling can be really helped by having a tutorabke board wipe.

There is possible playability in Modern as well in various chord strategies such as, Kiki-Chord and CoCo. If the meta shifts to a more forgiving position for these decks, then this card could very well be seeing Modern play, as it is actually pretty good against decks that like to go wide.

Yahenni’s Expertise is not quite as impactful as people thought it would be, however the card is still pretty good for Modern and even some Legacy midrange strategies. Having the ability to wipe your opponents board and then play out a 3 CMC threat (such as Liliana of the Viel) for 4 mana is just really good. Some decks that could take advantage of it in both Modern and Legacy are Jund, Junk, Grixis, and BUG.

People have begun using her as a mono red commander in EDH, while her ability isn’t incredibly powerful, she’s a pretty cool general to run and can create some interesting interactions by being very evasive.

Mono green energy deck in Modern anyone?

Synergizing with fetchlands, this card could very well find its way into modern Zoo and Elves. While Zoo already has Nacatl, the added bonus of death touch could be quite useful in some situations. In Elves the card is just a very solid beater with a good ability.

Narnam Renegade could also possibly be played in Legacy Elves, but that is less likely because it wouldn’t help the decks overall strategy incredibly much.

Renegade Rallier has already begun to see a lot of play in both Modern and Legacy in various creature toolbox strategies. The card is sometimes like an upgraded Eternal Witness (Especially for decks such as Maverick and CoCo).

In the Green Sun’s Zenith toolbox deck Maverick, the card can very easily be tutored for to return any one of many impactful creatures from the graveyard, such as Thalia, Gaddock Teeg, Mother of Runes and many more. While Renegade Rallier has not necessarily made any new strategies or broken any decks, it has begun to serve as a crucial backbone card for different builds.

This card is incredibly enticing, it seems like it could be very powerful in a Thopter Foundry deck. Not to mention the artifact it enchants does not have to be the artifact you need to have eight copies of to win. So in theory a player could enchant an indestructible Darksteel Citadel, effectively ramping themselves a land a turn, and then winning via the Thopter Foundry/ Sword of the Meek token combo.

This flagship has flown its way into EDH. It allows almost any deck to keep back their important creatures and still push through damage, the added 3 damage every time you attack is just icing on the cake. The card is just incredibly solid in a variety of strategies throughout commander.


There are many cards from the Kaladesh block that are already being played, or could see playing in various Eternal formats. The block has definitely been incredibly powerful and cropped up a bunch of interesting strategies.

Did we miss any cards that are possibly seeing play? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

and as always, happy gaming everyone!



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