Crashing the Party: Story of an MTG Player

As you may or may not know, some people say that the decks I play are “unfair” or “overpowered” – or even go so far as to say, “I’m not your friend anymore.”

So let me list off my current decks…

Modern: Bogles (it’s not my fault you can’t interact with me)
Legacy: Storm (it’s never to soon for 20 damage to the face)
Pauper: Izzet Blitz (what can I say? Assault strobe is one of my pet favorites)
Commander(EDH): Selvala, Explorer Returned (if you think I will ever run out of elf puns, you’re lying to yourself)

As you can tell, many people have criticized me for playing “unfun” or “broken” decks. There is some truth in that – in fact, I have had many experiences where people (close friends, strangers, even my brother) have actually gotten up and left in the middle of a game because of what I was doing. Generally, people think I’m a good person; I play nicely and I accept defeat (which, I assure you, comes often).

I don’t like being the bearer of overpowered victory (especially when it’s on the back of a turn one Past in Flames into an Empty the Warrens with a storm of 16), but I take what I can get. In all honesty, that’s just how I like to play.

Everyone has their playstyle; sometimes it can be endless counterspells (nope, nope, nope), sometimes it can be resolving six warpworlds at once (god help us all), and sometimes, it’s just playing storm.

We all love to be jerks in Magic sometimes, it’s who we are. As long as we can accept defeat, and can accept that others have the right to do the same to us, then we will all be fine.

Except infect. That is unforgivable.


Sylvan Studies Team
"He wished for knowledge, but not for the will to apply it" - Cunning Wish
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