Sylvan Stories: Modern Junk

You find yourself unknowingly walking through a mysterious forest. Surrounded on all sides by thick foliage, you see a glimmer of light and a large town in the distance. Not knowing how you arrived in this strange place and seeing no other escape, you approach the distant town. As you walk on, you attempt to cast a spell to illuminate your immediate surrounds, but the idea quickly fizzles out before you can even move your hand. You suddenly realize you’ve completely forgotten how to cast it. Panicking, you pick up pace; faster and faster, you start running. But away from what? Towards what? You don’t know, you just feel a sudden urge; something is watching you, something is tormenting your thoughts. You feel someone in your head, messing with your memories. Unease consumes your being as you run on – in a last ditch effort you summon a Goblin Guide. Despaired, you and your companion pick up the pace ever faster, his lantern lighting the way.


Then you hear something. The trees around you begin moaning in pangs of agony, their branches shake. What little sky can be seen turns completely black. Ghostly spirits appear before your eyes. You don’t know what to do; their deep bellowed cries terrify and exhilarate your senses. With the way to the distant town completely blocked off, you run in the other direction. Then a woman’s laughter sounds in the distance: it maniacally mocks your despair as your goblin friend’s life is abruptly ripped away. You try to protect him, but you can’t. You feel your senses closing in as the spirits continue to moan.


While you flee, something sticky befalls your feet. Quickly, you bend down to inspect. Realizing what the grotesque slime must be from, your sense of unease grows. As you continue to squabble through the thicket, a loud roar sounds; shivers run down your spine as it radiates throughout the forest. The bellows grow ever near, and branches begin crackling in the distance. Paralyzed by fear, you stare off into the darkness. Suddenly remembering how to cast an illumination spell, you see the gaping jaws of a horrendous beast. You think to yourself, No, no… not that… In a whirl of fear, you turn around as quickly as you can and run. You keep running and running, hoping the beast won’t catch up. Your legs begin to ache as your stamina and magic run out. You can’t control your thoughts, and your resources become completely drained.

Collapsing to the ground, you see a small shimmer of light. A man walks up to you. “Have you had enough?” he chuckles under his breath. “This forest is unending, and so will be our onslaught.” Reveling in devilish laughter, the man conjures up more spirits. The wispy figures surround you as ghostly cries continue to ring all around.

You try to cast your last spells, but you can’t remember them. Every time you do, you become more and more fatigued. You can’t even remember how you got here in the first place. Suddenly everything goes black… and you faint into the realms of oblivion…



A bright light wakes you up. Shrieking, you jump to your feet, only to find yourself in your own bed. Wincing, you think to yourself – it must’ve been a nightmare – as you remember the ceremony from the night before. You look out at the spectacle of the grand desert city you reside in. On the streets below your tiny room, massive working rhinos haul supplies in and out of the city to be traded among neighboring communities, as merchants and residents chatter about. You can’t remember the last time you’d had such a vivid nightmare, but you shake it off as nothing of concern. After you get dressed, you swear you hear the laughter of a woman in the distance as you leave your room, and the cry of a spirit calling out to his long forgotten kin…


Modern Junk is a mysterious deck; it embodies the essence of Order, Indulgence, and Life. Utilizing agents of sinister darkness, it subtly gains advantage throughout a game, pulling out opportunities from the most inopportune of events. Every junk planeswalker knows how to get themselves out of sticky situations, for the winning answer is always on the tip of their tongue. Any and all creatures will either be exiled to realms unknown or vaporized out of thin air, their essence scavenged up by the forest’s many creatures. Messing with the heads of their adversaries is their game, and once an opponent is diminished completely of resources, they go in for a final blow; raising spirits and massive beasts hidden away in vast heaps of undergrowth to steal a victory away. Junk is the combination of indulgence, nature, and the power of law into one unifying bond that roots itself deep into a vast array of complex and intricate strategy.



I hope this story was interesting in some way to you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to leave them in the section below.

And as always, happy gaming!




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