Card of The Month: Dryad Arbor

The card we have picked to be the card of the month for March 2017 is Dryad Arbor.

A very weird card, it’s a creature, a land, a 1/1, and has a cmc of 0. This oddity was first printed in Future Sight and has fascinated and confused players ever since. Because it is technically a land you cannot respond to it, and because it is a creature it can both attack and block. Due to these unique properties, it can have very interesting synergies with many cards.

One example would be with Green Sun’s Zenith. Combining both of these cards together essentially gives us the ability to get a land (with summoning sickness) for one green mana.

The second example would be the ability to be fetched out of a deck by a land such as Wooded Foothills. This allows somebody to get another creature out of their deck for the cost of an activation of a fetchland. This can be very useful in certain situations, as you can activate it in response to a Liliana of The Veil or other edict effect. Additionally, if somebody is swinging at you with a creature that doesn’t have trample, you can fetch for Dryad Arbor and block with it.

Overall, Dryad Arbor is just a very weird but useful card that has a lot of unique interactions.

But what do you think? Have you done or seen anything cool with the arbor? Make sure to leave a comment with your opinion down below and be sure to check back next month for April’s pick.


Sylvan Studies Team
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