Modern Masters 2017’s Affect on Pauper

While much of the MTG community is looking forward to Modern Masters 2017’s expensive reprints and new artwork, another group of players is getting all new cards to play with. You may be asking yourself, how can this be true if all the cards in this set are reprints? The answer is of course Pauper! Pauper only allows cards that have been printed at the common rarity, and with the release of Modern Masters 2017 many cards once printed in higher rarities have been shifted down to the common level. This gives Pauper players many new cards to play with, and in this article, I will be going over the ones that I believe will have an impact on the format.

And now, in no particular order, are the cards from Modern Masters 2017 most likely so see play in Pauper.

Augur of Bolas

Augur of Bolas costs one mana less than Sea Gate Oracle and lets you dig one card deeper. While it’s not very flashy it will most likely replace Sea Gate Oracle entirely in some types of decks.

Gnawing Zombie & Mortician Beetle

Both of these cards fit nicely into an Aristocrats deck and might be able to push that strategy to the next level.

Magma Jet

This card could possibly fit into a burn strategy as their 3rd/4th burn spell, but would probably work better in a u/r Delver deck where its scry effect would be much more appreciated.

Thunderous Wrath

While this card looks awesome for burn (1 mana for 5 damage??? What burn player wouldn’t want that???), the fact that you really need to play it as a miracle really limits it’s effect in that kind of deck. It fits much better into a u/r Control or Delver deck where you can use cards like Ponder and Brainstorm to put it on top of your library when you need it. You could even use this card in conjunction with Magma Jet, that way you might know when it is coming and plan accordingly.

Slime Molding

This card is a pretty good mana sink for a deck like Tron, and it is also a sorcery, so you can easily return it to your hand to cast it again with cards like Pulse of Murasa or Revive.

Ground Assault

Great removal. I’m not sure if you would play this over the normal burn spells, but the ability to kill something large like Gurmag Angler is nice.

Spike Jester

Although Gruul Aggro seems to be the better choice for the type of deck this card belongs in, this is a nice addition to Rakdos and Rakdos Goblins. It notably also makes it easier to turn on Jund Hackblade and Grixis Grimblade.

Burning-Tree Emissary

This card is one of the most talked about cards coming to Pauper. It’s easy to cast due to its hybrid mana cost, it combos well with Horned Kavu, Jund Hackblade, and Naya Hushblade and fits into some of the already existing aggro and stompy lists. Overall this is a great card that you can’t really go wrong with.

I hope this article has gotten you interested in some of the new tools that are available to Pauper players, and I hope this helps you in your brewing efforts. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or we forgot to mention a card you think has merit, please feel free to say something in the comment section below.



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