Sylvan Stories: Field Guide to Eldrazi

The Eldrazi move across the land like an unending sea, sweeping up all who move in their wake, assimilating all who defy them, while attempting to preserve their ever imposing position.

Be warned fellow traveler – these extra planar beings are not to be trifled with, not to be taken lightly, and ultimately not to be crossed. For they have caused insurmountable chaos throughout the lands (also they have tentacles and those are just gross).

This field guide is courtesy of the staff working at: Eldrazi Research Center No. IV

Aye, so you wanna learn about Eldrazi do yah? Well we have been running a research lab for quite some time, in order to better understand the Eldrazi menace. In our studies we have compiled a threat guide for all to evaluate what should be done in specific situations involving Eldrazi. We have compiled our guide together in one unifying journal for your ease of use if you ever find yourself face to face with an Eldrazi.

Anyways… Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into what you should expect to see on your journey through Eldrazi infested land. We’ll start out with going over some of the smaller critters.


But First! You’re gonna need one of these bad boys.


This map will serve as your one stop guide to not getting lost. Wherever you are, however far you stray, this map will help you absolutely find your way to the places you want to go! We highly, highly recommend with utmost certainty to bring one of these along your journey (and maybe even a few extras). Oh and you can pick one up in our research centers gift shop for the cheap price of one hedron. No seriously, buy stuff from our giftshop, we have too many maps. Some of our dismissed researches have started squatting outside using them as fuel for fires…


Little Critters:

This dangerous duo is always the first to be seen in any self respecting Eldrazi invasion. The creature on the far left is known for its endless ability to become ever more powerful. It can store vast heaps of mana within itself, growing to massive amounts of strength.  Now while the creature on the left can become ever more powerful, the creature on the right is by far a more elusive and dangerous threat. It has the ability to copy other Eldrazi! Yep that’s right, it can shapeshift, transforming itself into any number of massive hulking beasts, just waiting for you to stumble on their traps.

Threat Level: Medium

Sometimes you may also encounter these flying around in the air. Our research team has dubbed them “Squawkers” for some reason in spite of the fact that they are neither birds, nor do they squawk. In fact they don’t even lay eggs. We aren’t sure who came up with the term, but if we ever find out, they’re gonna have to report to management.

Anyways these things really like to bring friends along, and if you encounter one, expect to see other smaller critters accompanying it.

Threat Level: Minimal


Medium Critters

When it comes to the Eldrazi, there honestly aren’t that many medium sized creatures… Generally Eldrazi tend to only come in two sizes: the grotesquely large or the tiniest of scions. However there are a few notable beasts in this section that a traveler should be prepared for.


If you encounter something that looks like this, RUN! The threat level is incredibly high, once within their reach, these things can blink you entirely out of existence. This is not to be trifled with. Only high level mages should ever attempt to near one.

Threat Level: High

If you ever find yourself staring down the.. face? of one of these, be absolutely prepared for a tough fight. Not only are they fairy powerful, but often times, once vanquished, will spawn even more Eldrazi in their wake. No one is quite sure how they work, but it was definitely quite a surprise when a scion appeared out of nowhere and attacked our research team…

Threat Level: Medium


The big guys

Now we are getting into the real stuff. If you thought the previous monsters were terrifying, you may want to turn back now.  Continuing on, the Eldrazi only get more dangerous and powerful. Having the ability to steal your thoughts, rampage over entire mountains, and literally break continents in half…

Likes to bring mana producing friends. AND LOTS OF THEM. While by itself, it is not a major threat, it’s definitely a really scary beast. I mean look at those nasty tentacles. Its just gross…. This thing tends to make most people freeze with absolute fear.

Threat Level: Medium

You’ll know for sure you’re dealing with one of these guys if your thoughts randomly become cloudy. They get inside their preys head, anticipate their next moves, and then use this newfound knowledge to attack from vulnerable angles. These thought thieves are incredibly dangerous, and should absolutely be avoided like the plague. If you do encounter one however, it is useful to have a few strings with you, as it’s said they have a strange fascination with knots….

Threat Level: Over the top, this thing is dangerous. Avoid at all costs.

If unadulterated fear of tentacles, and mind games don’t faze you, then the absolute brute power of this beast definitely will. Harnessing zero special abilities, and no tricks, this being just brute forces its way through everything… Literally everything. Like there is not a wall that can stop it. We tried… and now we’re missing the latter half of our research facility.

Just try and stay out of this things way.

Oh yeah, and also, they’re really really really fast, like too fast. We’re terribly sorry if you encounter one.

Threat Level: High

The really big guys

Now these ones aren’t quite massive, but they are larger than your average run of the mill Eldrazi. They are big but not big. Tall but not tall. Large but not Large. You get the point. Anyways let’s get started.

Known as Endbringer, or Bringer of Ends, the main thing this one’s got going for it is its many legs. It seriously has a lot of legs… Oh yeah, also, it has mind controlling psychic abilities that force its opponents into submission, and it can shoot mind missiles. MIND MISSILES

Stay away from this thing at all costs, unless you like that sorta stuff. Then to each their own.

Threat Level: Very High

The really really really giant Eldrazi

Now if you’ve made it to this section in our guide, and still think it a good idea to go out and explore Eldrazi country, then these ones are sure to dissuade you. Everything before doesn’t even begin to compare to what is up next.

These Eldrazi are the big three, they oversee the operations of all other Eldrazi. If you encounter one of these, may you find safety, for it is almost impossible for even the most experienced of mages to deal with such a threat.  As world eaters these are not to be trifled with at any cost. Unless of course you have a very solid plan.

Threat Level: …


As the Eldrazi Menace has spread, so has their ability to utilize native relics and artifacts. Below we have compiled a list of some common tools we have observed the Eldrazi imploring to their advantage.

This is what happens when the Eldazi go through a scene phase. We aren’t entirely sure how they began using these, but many critters have been seen walking around with these strange collars on. The collars seem to make the beasts even more ferocious in physical might.

We aren’t quite sure how this works? Most Eldrazi don’t even have hands, and our small research squad that went closer to study the specimen we found with one of these, never reported back…

Regardless of how it works, if you see an Eldrazi even near a blade, RUN THE OTHER WAY!

Sometimes the Eldrazi unintentionally use items. We believe that their powerful mana altering presence has begun to activate many old relics lying around the area. A large amount of these relics seem to create large areas where specific types of spells can not be cast. It is really quite a strange phenomena. Just be prepared to have your spell casting altered if you ever venture into the Eldrazi’s domain.

Honestly we didn’t think it possible, but some how, some way, the Eldrazi use the very same map that we suggested you pick up. This may be our research centers fault, as one of our supply shipments became lost a while back… But hey, we didn’t know the Eldrazi could read. I mean how could extra planar beings from another realm of existence know how to read, right? Haha yeah… we’re probably not getting any promotions any time soon…


The types of terrain you can expect to encounter Eldrazi in

The Eldrazi have recently begun taking a liking to old powered down factories, and dilapidated facilities. They even overran one of our old labs! We think they like these locations, because great heaps of magical energy is stored within their walls. If you are anywhere near an Eldrazi outbreak, just be aware when you are around mana producing facilities.


The Eldrazi have seemed to really enjoy ancient ghostly caverns, as you will see it is a reoccurring theme. Who knows, maybe they’re throwing Halloween parties in their free time.


Where come Eldrazi, come abandoned cities. This isn’t really necessarily where Eldrazi choose to reside, but a side effect of their residence. People just don’t like to live near an Eldrazi infestation. On the bright side however, the rent is apparently really really cheap in these places, that is of course if you’re okay with dealing with the constant moans and groans of Eldrazi looming overhead.


We didn’t even know the Eldrazi could construct buildings, but apparently they sure have done just that. These temples seem to be specialized to attract many Eldrazi to them at very high rates. They also work in conjunction with an Eldrazi’s magic to channel their powers even more efficiently.

So what now?

Well that about sums up our guide for what to expect in the event of an Eldrazi Infestation, or if you decide to go yourself and travel to the Eldrazi’s various domains. We hope that you are able to find this guide of some use to you.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to bring your trusty map along! Don’t wanna be getting lost in such a dangerous place.

Courtesy of the Eldrazi Research Center No. IV


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And as always, happy gaming!




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