Card of the Month: Harsh Mentor

The card we’ve picked as May’s Card of the Month is Harsh Mentor.

Harsh Mentor, which was just recently released in Amonkhet, has already been discussed very substantially by people playing all formats. Not only is this card being discussed for Standard, but it has been explored in both Modern and Legacy. While the card definitely has potential in Standard, it seems like it’ll definitely be finding its way into various eternal formats.

With the prominence of fetchlands in both Modern and Legacy, Harsh Mentor is starting to look like a really powerful option in metas dominated by greedy mana bases. In most cases the card’s ability will cause every fetchland your opponent cracks to essentially bolt them for free, and it turns almost every other activated non-mana ability into a free shock. While this effect is not backbreaking a few times, incrementally it can help to close out a game a turn (or even a few) turns quicker. Additionally having two of these out at a time will cause four extra damage per ability activation, which is absolutely game winning against a lot of decks. Deathrite Shaman‘s non mana abilities, fetchlands, Aether Vial, and Planeswalkers are just a few of the cards that the Mentor hits.

The mentor has been discussed as not only being strongly playable in burn type strategies, but also in Death and Taxes and creatures toolbox decks. Only time will tell if the card will truly shine in eternal, but as it stands Harsh Mentor definitely seems like a powerful up and coming option moving forward. As long as fetchlands and activated abilities are played in Modern and Legacy, Harsh Mentor will at least be a fairly good option for pushing damage through.

But what do you think? Have you seen or done anything cool with Harsh Mentor? Make sure to leave a comment with your opinion below, and be sure to check back next month for June’s pick.



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