Sylvan Stories: EDH Narset

A subtle breeze tugged at Narset’s hair as she sat atop the branch of an ancient gnarled pine which overlooked a high mountain cliff. She had come to the west monastery to better understand herself and the world, but she couldn’t quite yet get a handle on everything. Every time she attempted to enter a deep meditation something always seemed to disturb her silence.  The itchiness of her clothes, the small chirps of local birds, or – much like this time – the lure of the sky’s calm breath.

Narset inhaled slowly, looking out onto the expansive landscape of mountains, rolling hills, and deep yellow-green plains in front of her. She couldn’t shake the feeling of restlessness she had recently aquired. Something big felt like it was about to happen, but she didn’t know what it meant yet. Suddenly she shifted her position on the branch to face away from the cliff’s edge, she then clasped her hands onto the crooks of her crossed legs and closed her eyes.

“Maybe one more try will do the trick.” She thought to herself as she slowly drifted into introspection. Soon every passing thought was left to go on it’s way, and every sound she heard was acknowledged but never pondered. Her skin became sensitive to the slightest of changes, the smallest of breezes, the tiniest alteration in temperature, would all send alarms running up and down her body, but she would let them pass. The world slowly vanished. She slowly vanished.

Narset soon began to lose all feeling in her body, she felt as if she was floating above the world, as if herself had completely disappeared and she was flying high in the sky. The tree branch below her soon vanished entirely and she entered a different state of consciousness. One that very few before her had ever achieved. The darkness around her soon turned to bright light. Visions of the past, future, and present were suddenly revealed to her, she became entirely lost in a sea of premonition and mystery. Every where she turned, everywhere she looked revealed small bits and pieces of a larger whole, but yet that whole could still not be seen yet. A bird then manifested its form in front of her. Its rhythmic wings beat in place as it’s chirps echoed through the expanse she now found herself in. Suddenly the cawing got louder, and louder still. It grew so loud she felt she had to cover her ears, but her hands had disappeared.

Opening her eyes Narset found herself laying on the ground surrounded on all sides by thick foliage. The sky was dark but moonlight filled the area with a subtle glow. She could see the roof of the west monastery above shimmering in the soft light.

“How long have I been out?” She wondered to herself as she slowly stood up. Brushing the dirt off of her tunic, Narset contemplated on the visions she had had. “What could they have meant?” she thought to herself, as her mind began to swim with all the possibilities.

As the days passed Narset’s meditations grew ever complex. Eventually she gained the ability to go in and out of a deeply spiritual and magically imbued state at will. She slowly but surely gained complete control of her magical gifts, and began to finally understand herself and the world around her. As time went on she began dabbling in powerful thoughts. She gained the ability to slow time to a halt, or speed it up. She could now summon vast amounts of magical energy in swift single movements, and she learned powerful ways to protect and ward herself from the greatest of opposition.

Eventually she left her solitude in the western monastery, and ventured back to her homeland. She brought with her a new found enlightenment which she shared with all who were willing to listen. People gathered from all around to learn her teachings, and she did her best to help all who she could. She utilized her newfound abilities to protect her people, and in doing so caused great rifts among the planes. She had the ability to halter time and space alike, shattering them together in myriads of contorted loops and passes.

Her abilities saved many a person, but they also gained her a reputation, and with it came many enemies. A power struggle soon occurred in her monastery. Some of the monks around her could not help but feel threatened by her unique prowess. Thus she was ultimately cast out. Initially she embarked on a long journey in light of her banishment. She knew the monks would never let her return, but she also knew she had to keep going, she had to follow her own path wherever it may lead, and she did just that. Until one day –  many years later – her true potential finally became ignited.


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