Sylvan Stories: An Explorer’s Guide to RG Scapeshift

The land is full of untapped potential, beneath its soil churn heaps of wealth and power only the most powerful and experienced of mages can withstand. Upon its surface lay in wait great titans more ancient than the mountains themselves. Scouring vast forests of undergrowth they protect their territories from all who try and lay claim.

Their is life beneath the earth, a burning passion erupts in a revelry of lava and rock, as the world reshapes its image in the most primal of forms. Many dare not enter such a place, such a primordial spew of soot and lava. Giant beasts protect its borders, roaming dense forests, in wait for whatever may try and bring harm to their precious land. It is pure nature, pure unadulterated wilderness, untouched by the likes of society. Groups of nomadic tribes live within its borders, but little is known about their whereabouts and cultures.

Many explorers have attempted to traverse this land but have never made it far. There are some however, a very small amount of gifted individuals, which can harness this great land’s power. They have a fundamental understanding of the natural order, tapping into the very essence of the earth itself. Finding life lines, raising mountains, calling great beasts to do their bindings. These individuals constantly search, they go beyond the known world and delve deep into wild and unexplored territories. Inspired by a certain appreciative recklessness, but highly refined and calculated, new awe inspiring vantages are searched for as the undiscovered becomes the understood.

Those who dare take the trip, take upon themselves the adventure and excitement of exploration, are rewarded with a greater understanding and appreciation for primal and untamed wildernesses.

Enter the Untamed Wild

The outskirts are dotted by scenes of gold, green and red, vast ruins of cities long past lay in rubble as the raw power of encroaching forests slowly cover everything up in a blanket of foliage. Foot hills, and mires dot the landscape, all leading up to massive looming volcanoes in the distance.

Any explorer would know better not to get too close to any of the local fauna, as it is quite hazardous. This is a place not to be jovially trifled with. It is recommended to implore the help of locals – spirit guides, and tribe elders will map out the landscape for you, speeding up the progression to discovery.

One must always remain entirely vigilant in such a land, preparing for the unexpected like it is the back of their hand. A constant search, the struggle to grow an understanding of such a world, an explorer must continue their study, always aware of the dangers around.

After time, if an understanding an appreciation for the raw primordial wilderness is gained, than a mage may gain the respect of titans. The great beasts that have protected their sacred and coveted homes for millennia. Once this pact is made, an explorer must hold it in their duty to fulfill any promises they pledged, or face the consequences… However if utilized correctly, such giants will slowly begin to reveal their deep and ancient knowledge to adversaries they find worthy.

If an explorer is very lucky, they will even be granted the chance to behold one of the most awe inspiring phenomena the planes have to offer. That being the ever intense and glorious eruption of a volcano. Plumes of smoke will be expected to vigorously bellow into the sky, and flows of lava will crawl down steep slopes like great vines of fire.

Among all the natural beauty one must remain ever careful, as there comes great unexpectedness with such primordial energy.

RG Scapeshift is a strategy that involves the utilization of pure primal power. A user of such a strategy will utilize their refined explorative abilities, to seek out new lands and tools to utilize for there cause.  With the help of great primordial titans, and vast ranges of fiery volcanoes, a mage of this discipline will efficiently and quickly close out battles. Generally, there strategy pans out similarly in each given scenario, however it is also subtly adaptable to whatever oppositions may present themselves. By gathering up immense power from the land around, a user will begin searching out new lands around, looking far and wide to try and create the perfect environment to lay their trap. They will terraform and sculpt the field to their vision, and call upon the titans of old to share their knowledge and insight of the earths inner workings. Once enough resources have been gathered up, and the stage set, they will release a revelry of primal energy in the form of massive seismic blasts to completely decimate whatever opposition stands in the way. However if this plan backfires – which it most definitely does – a mage can switch to there other plan: smashing face with massive giants and rampaging rambunctiously about until their opponents are forced to concede from brutal attacks. Scapeshift is truly a powerful force to be reckoned with, and the utilization of primordial energy from earth is something that should not be trifled with lightly.


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