Card of the Month: Cut // Ribbons

The card we’ve picked for June’s Card of the Month is Cut // Ribbons

Cut // Ribbons has to be one of the best examples of  the new aftermath cards. Cut is great in the early to mid game (as it will easily kill many threats you will be facing early on) and Ribbons is a very good late game finisher.  Now there definitely are better removal spells for Cut’s mana cost, and more able finishers than Ribbon, but the added consistency of linking them together helps to make up for this. Not to mention they can be quite good in EDH as well. Cut// Ribbons may not be the most powerful card, but it is a great example of how the aftermath cards can work, and I hope we see more of it in Hour of Devastation.

But what do you think? Do you prefer another aftermath card? Do you think aftermath cards are a great addition, or another dud mechanic? Make sure to leave a comment with your opinion below, and be sure to check back next month for July’s pick.



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