Sylvan Stories: Life of a Faerie Summoner

The Fae of the realm harness a subtle but powerful magic that mystifies and terrifies all who have had the privilege to witness it. Some of these people who witness the Fae’s magic grow a certain appreciation for it and they continue on to become masters of the Fae. They spend months and years honing their art. The techniques passed down through generation after generation of Fae calling. These Faerie summoners as they are known have a subtle understanding of the Fae’s inner society and have become one with the conclave of Oona and her citizens. Not only that but the Fae that surround them grow a certain appreciation for their wingless summoner.

However a Fae summoner is ever careful. For one wrong slip could mean certain doom and destruction to all their work. The Fae are a mischievous bunch, and can become quite spiteful as well. If a summoner makes one wrong step, one miscalculation in their plans – it can result in all of their efforts crumbling apart. The Fae masters are ever careful to remember, that they are not truly the masters, but just the ones who guide their Faerie friends along different paths.

Faerie summoners spend years cataloging the various types of Fae they have encountered through their journeys. Thus there have been innumerable amounts of winged creatures found, and many more yet unseen. As of now however, there is a common set of Fae that every mage is sure to keep handy. This set includes the ever mischievous cliques of Fearies, which are small groups of Fae who like to stick together to take part in all sorts of games. This also includes the ever useful spell stutterers, who use their subtle magic to bend the wills of other mage’s spells.


A master of Fae however must also be a master of other magics…

The Fae readily utilize certain spells that can in simple terms, persuade a mage to do things they normally would not. In light of this one who wishes to become one with the Fae must have a very strong understanding of the magics of the mind. They must be able to put up protective wards, stopping the Fae’s initial onslaught, and they must be able to have a keen understanding of how to stop a rouge Fae spell from affecting them. This mastery of darker mind magics comes with it a dual functionality. As in the field it grants the mage the ability to cast any number of different spells. Some of these spells involve the mental manipulation of a subjects thoughts while others simply dispel an oncoming barrage. Some mages have even taken it upon themselves to use this magic to further their own magical understanding. Delving deep into their own mind to further gain knowledge that had been previously lost to time.

A Blossom A Day Keeps the Fae at Bay

Every Fae summoner quickly comes to learn that the Faeries of the land have a peculiar taste for a certain flowering plant. This plants bitter scent rolls grotesquely of the tongue, and to any human observer seems absolutely putrid. However the Fae seem to congregate around these plants, perhaps their subtle magical essence is what draws the Fae in. Regardless any summoner is quick to keep a few stocks with them to be readily available. One can always tell when they encounter an experience summoner because there will always be a small buzzing cloud of Faeries closely behind following the sweetly bitter scent of the blossoms surely hidden among the mage’s inner pockets.

Last, but definitely not least, a master of the Fae must find it within themselves to take journeys deep within the Faerie’s homeland every once in a while. These journeys are not only to provide their Fae with a break, but to allow themselves to become better in tune with the Fae society. These journeys can be quite treacherous at times, however the Fae masters training should be sufficient in preparing them for all the dangers they could face.

Once arriving at a secluded Faerie den, a summoner will spend a few days cataloging and reviewing the various Fae of the area. They will also work with the Fae’s top magic users to gain even more knowledge and insight, as each group has it’s own unique flavor of magic. Sometimes a Fae master will even have the rare and incredibly honorable opportunity to bring new Fae back with him or her. However this does not happen often, as a Fae master must truly gain the respect and trust of the Fae he or she holds dear.


So do you think you have what it takes to become a master of the Fae? It can be an incredibly difficult job, caring for so many creatures, learning their subtleties and mannerisms like the back of ones palm. However it can also become one of the most rewarding experiences a mage can ever take part in.



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