Getting Into Magic (Loosewire’s Story)

I was first introduced to Magic in about 2012, my friend had been playing it for several months and decided to introduce me to this mystifying card game. By this time, the game had been going for almost two decades already, and I was fascinated how many levels this game could have.

My friend gave me a random assortment of Return to Ravnica and M15 rares, uncommons, and commons.

I made a sixty card, Izzet mid-range, no format deck. It was amazing. At the time, I didn’t realize the power I was playing with. It took me over a year to realize that Quicksilver Amulet was a little overpowered.

I then lost interest in the game for about six months, and returned to it when that same friend decided to give me his old Mardu Minotaur Standard deck.

Although most of it rotated out before I could play, it was still fun resolving gigantic beasts and swinging in for lethal in one turn.

I then decided to “get into” Magic. I debated between Standard and Modern. After realizing that I didn’t want to keep up with the constant rotation, I chose that Modern would be the best for me.

I spent months looking for a suitable list, being inspired by that same friend (who played competitive infect) to build a powerful deck.

I eventually decided on Bogles. Over the course of a year I slowly assembled the deck, one piece at a time. I first scraped together enough money and went down to my game store and got my playset of Windswept Heaths, Temple Gardens, Brushlands, and Razorverge Thickets.

Next I traded for theSlippery Bogles and Gladecover Scouts at my LGS. I ordered all the auras online and then spent a few months ordering or buying the Kor Spiritdancers.

Finally. I had my modern deck complete. I went to my first FNM and went 3:1. Losing to Jund in the second to last round.

That’s my story of getting into Magic, what’s yours? Feel free to put your story in the comments below.


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