Sylvan Stories: Stoneblade, Nahiri’s Guide to Equipment

Every good stoneblade mage knows that they need to have the proper equipment for every situation they could get themselves into. While those True-name Nemesis’s are good, they’ll only carry you so far without any equipment. So come all to the Kor haven’s newest and improved equipment emporium! (Headed by Narhiri. We are not responsible for any personal or property damage caused by the items we sell.)


Need more mana every turn? Want to wreak havoc on your adversaries spells? Well, our selection of finely crafted swords of feast and famine are sure to do the job. This sword not only grants protection from pesky black removal spells and giant green beasts. But it also allows you to ramp mana like a champ with its specially infused blade -which gives the user the ability to draw extra resources out of the lands around. But that’s not all this magical sword can do! It also has the strange ability to make your opponent forget things. Actually as we were crafting it we had to pay extra attention to this, as a couple times some of our less advanced lithomancers accidentally forgot what they were doing..

The sword of light and shadow is one of our more peculiar items. This hand crafted masterpiece is sure to draw fascinated gazes. Not only is it entirely functional, but it is also stylish. Infused with the rare ivory from an extra-planar elephant and the husk of a city sized beetle, this sword is sure to make your opponent’s jaws drop in awe.  Everything about the sword of light and shadow is about functionality in style. Granting protection from the two most prominent removal colors (white and black) and boasting a useful life gain ability is no playing around. The sword of light and shadow means business, and it is sure to please. Oh, and also, it can revive things.

 Our meticulously built sword of body and mind is one of our more budget options. While protection from blue and green isn’t always the most relevant, it can still be useful in certain situations. Not to mention who doesn’t like wolfs? If you are a canine lover than this sword is sure to please.

The sword of body and mind also has the ability to make your opponent forget things in an instant. So what’re you waiting for? Pick one up today!

This sword is sure to set sparks off all around you! Not only does does it provide protection from instant damage spells and some pesky creatures, but it allows you to grow your knowledge base in style. Every time you successfully swing with this sword you will be able to cast an inferno of fire in its wake. Not only that but you’ll also learn new magic’s even faster. It does it all! Makes you smarter and deals extra damage to your attackers.

Our sword of war and peace is the perfect item for an aspiring cleric. Offering protection from direct damage and exile effects is quite powerful. However where this sword really shines is its aptitude for gaining life and dealing damage. Not only can this sword heal you right up, but it can also deal damage directly to your opponent in no time at all. Very powerful against burn strategies and aggro people, this is sure to please any life gain mage, and send those fireball casters running the other way.

Often called the toolbox sword, Umezawa’s Jitte is not actually a sword we made. It was procured deep within ancient lands. Owned by a legendary figure, this jitte has supernatural abilities that contest those of the finest of crafted modern pieces. Some say that using this blade imbues the user with special energy that they previously did not have, while others say the sword has much more sinister abilities. Regardless, this jitte is a sure fire addition to any collection of swords.

Need to bust down some walls? How about bash through a horde of zombies? Batterskull may just be your ticket to do just that. This powerful equipment comes pre-equiped to a germ token to do your bidding. Yep that’s right, it is literally a living weapon! Incredibly powerful and fast batterskull is sure to not disappoint. However you may want to have the help of one of our highly trained mystics to cast it in a timely manner.


So what are you waiting for? Come on down to our equipment emporium today and get started on your adventure’s being a stoneblade mage!



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