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“One piece? Now there’s a hundred!” – Scavenger Folk

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Scavenger Folk, in all his gritty artifact shattering glory, elegantly sums up the past couple months here at Sylvan Studies. We started with only one idea. We had zero followers, zero posts, and no readers, but we had our idea and stuck to it. Right before our eyes that idea has begun to flourish as the beginnings of a community, and just a few days ago marks the day where there are now over one hundred of you following us! We may not have a tens of thousands of followers, heck some of our followers may not even read our content, but one hundred sure is a milestone if I’ve ever seen one. One hundred people, one hundred of you, who took the time out of your day to follow our website and read our content. To that I must humbly say thank you, we must say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is not always easy coming up with content on a weekly basis (no one said it would be), but it is truly rewarding to know that people like it and want to keep reading it. We can’t express how grateful we are that we have begun to make an impact on the Magic community, and we hope to keep providing fun content for all of you in the future!

To be completely honest we didn’t know exactly what we were going to do for our one hundred follower special. In fact this idea was admittedly a bit last minute as well. But as always without further ado, let’s get into our one hundred follower special!!

To start out I’d like to give a brief history of Sylvan Studies. Some people have asked in the past who we are, what we do, and where we stand. So we’ll take a few moments to go over that.

We created Sylvan Studies with a simple goal in mind, we wanted to create a website that would foster a community within Magic the Gathering, a website that not only provided places for discussion, but also provided fun and useful content for everyone to read and share. We are still working towards that goal, but one hundred followers sure is a step in the right direction. We’ve had some blunders along the way, but overall it has been a pretty good run, we’ve met some cool people, grown a pretty good basis of authors and even got featured on lifesuccessfully’s website! (more on that later).

Our name was created from the popular card Sylvan Library, we felt it appropriate, as we initially wanted to release a lot of guides and how to’s (which we still do from time to time). We then set to work creating a logo and building the website itself, which was a process all in its own. Then we wrote out about five launch articles and posted away, officially releasing the website to the public and indexing on google. Thus we are here where we are now, with over a hundred followers, and a growing library of articles for all to enjoy!

I’d like to take this time now to thank some prominent people that either helped us along the way or inspired us to keep making content.

  • The Professor over at Tolarian Community College – He has been a huge inspiration to us, his helpful and creative videos inspired us to move out of the norm and just do our own thing. Even though he may never read this article, we just want to thank him for all he does for the community, and his inspirational words!
  • Magic With Zuby – He was the first patron of our website. He also has supported us a lot on Twitter and has helped spread the word. Thank you so much for the support!
  • Gaming Successfully/Life Successfully –  Gaming Successfully has been a major help to our continued growth as a website and community, almost every post we’ve made, they have retweeted, reposted, and liked. We were even featured in one of their articles which was a Magic content creator spotlight!

Some additional People who have helped:

  • MTGOnslaught
  • ChuckWagonMTG
  • All of our authors

We can not express how thankful we are to the people who have helped and inspired us – and continue to do so along the way. So thank you so much! Of course our website would not be what it is without our readers as well, so thank you to everyone who reads our content!!!

Now fellow readers since we can’t leave you without some sort of MTG content. Today we are going to be taking a look at a very special strategy. This strategy has been in the works for a while, and we feel it appropriate to release it to the public at this time, since it is in flavor with the occasion.  The deck will surely take over every format it is legal in (which granted is not very many, if at all), but regardless, it is a powerhouse of a deck. It even has a brand new combo never before seen. Without further ado, let’s get into the deck tech!

This deck is none other than One Hundred Combo.  Utilizing one of Magic’s signature cards Mox Lotus, One Hundred combo looks to win the game by creating infinite mana. It does this by casting casting Mox Lotus, then generating infinite mana with its powerful ability. A player can even create an infinite amount of colored mana divided by one hundred, by simply using Mox Lotus’s second ability in conjunction with its first!

This infinite mana can then be used on a Helix Pinnacle to put one hundred counters on it and win the game in your next upkeep. The true power of this deck comes from the fact that you can activate all of this on your opponent’s end step, holding up counterspells and interaction in case they have a response to your combo! There’s no need to fear however if your Helix Pinnacle gets destroyed, because we also run Stroke of Genius as a back up plan. You’ll have your opponents drawing hundreds of cards in no time! Typically drawing hundreds of cards is not a good thing for you, as they will be gaining massive amounts of card advantage. However if you calculate their draws just right you can make it so that they inevitably lose the game by running out of cards to draw due to Magic’s base rulings. These rulings state that if a player is to draw a card and there are no cards left in his or her library, then they lose the game instead. Typically one hundred is a sufficient number to steal a win away. Also did I mention that Stroke of Genius is the hundreth card in Urza’s Saga?

The main issue we have to face when playing this combo is actually getting enough mana to cast Mox Lotus. However we can easily circumvent this problem by running black. Utilizing Bubbling Muck we can easily ramp into all of the mana needed to cast Mox Lotus as early as turn nine! Now that is efficiency.

To smooth out our curve we run a few copies of Crawlspace. Not only does it help to flush out our plays, but it is also incredibly useful if our opponent decides to bring hundreds of creatures in against us. Those pesky aggro decks can really put a damper on our plans (turn one is typically the turn most decks look to win by, so sometimes our deck can be considered a bit slow by a few turns).

Additionally we have available to us a powerful suite of removal spells in the form of Felidar Cub and Scavenger Folk. With these, almost all of our opponent’s artifacts and enchantments will surely be shattered into hundreds of pieces! Most of our removal is incredibly evasive as it requires stifle like affects to even have a chance of answering.

In all One Hundred Combo is an incredibly powerful and versatile deck for the Magic the Gathering format Vintage. It can be incredibly fun to play, but the fifteen mana required to cast Mox Lotus can sometimes prove problematic. However if you can cast a Bubbling Muck through your opponent’s Force of Wills you are sure to steal a win efficiently, quickly, and with added style points!  Just watch out for judges. They seem to not particularly like it when people bring this deck to events for some reason.

All jokes aside, thanks to everyone who has helped us get to this point, and thank you as a reader for continuing to read and support our content! Now cue the outro!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or any suggestions for future content, please feel free to leave a comment below. Additionally you may contact us through our contact form which is located at the bottom of most pages on the site.

As always, happy gaming everyone! And thanks for one hundred followers!



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