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The gears of the factory crackled to life, ringing through the land with every click of their teeth. Doing their eternal work to fuel the manifestation of scientist’s and engineer’s greatest dreams.  Among the chaotic and disorganized construction of the factories lay an elegant system which controlled the foundation of every new project. This system was put in place by the original creators, who have now been long lost to time.

The system states: the mines will fuel the power plants, which will in turn fuel the towers which will be used to create the wildest of invention. So elegantly does this system work that it has not faltered even a single day since the dawn of its creation.

Today those who wish to utilize such systems must work very hard, they must study for years under the greatest schools of science and industry, and they must also hold with them grand ideas. Ideas so marvelous that they are able to impress those who have already invented it all. Many of these people have worked years upon years refining their craft and developing the perfect design to be created.  An insurmountable thirst for knowledge also consumes these individuals as they begin to fall deeper and deeper into their own inventions. They seek out the new, the innovative, the remarkable, and use their creative insight to bring any idea to fruition. Once they get on a roll pure and utter devotion to their craft is sure to bring about the greatest of machines. However these researchers must be ever careful, for their vast knowledge can lead down a path of condescension and isolation. But such traits, if utilized correctly can help to further their end goal.

Some of the inventions that have been created among the thousands of machines and artifacts are grand platinum covered angels, massive titans, and coiled engines infused with magics of both light and dark. The angels of platinum are considered one of the finest craft the researchers have ever created, combining the metals of the earth with divine energy and devotion.  While the hulking titans are powerful engines of magical destruction. They are so large in fact that in order to power them, they must feast on the world around. Capable of taking out entire forests they are among the most powerful creations the researchers have created as of yet. Then there are the mechanical wurm’s which are used to patrol the industrial zone for added protection. They have the ability to split in half and become two out of one. Infused with both dark and light magic they have the ability to provide immense amounts of protection, while also sustaining the industrial zones further research. While these machines are not as powerful as the angel’s of platinum or the grand titans, they are well honored for their duty in safekeeping the researchers’ works.

Their are those who wish to falter the technological progress of the land, so the world’s grand industry is not without protection. Massive hulking beasts that steal the thoughts of their adversaries traverse the industrial landscape. They solemnly stalk the the area searching for those who wish to do harm to the science and innovation of the world. From lands unheard, they utilize abilities only the most powerful of mages could even dream of using, to bring any suspected vandal to their knees. Additionally there are special automated system’s known as skites. In the case of any targeted attack, these skites will attempt to redirect such damage to themselves in order to save the grand inventions that so much work went into. Many times these skites are successful in their duty, however every once in a while a rouge attack does get through.

The land itself is also not without discovery, as many locations have been lost to time. Mines, Factories, Power Plants, all have been lost over the centuries. There are those who take it among themselves to seek out these lost locations and restore them to their former state. These expeditions can last weeks and even months, party’s of explorers and treasure hunters delving deep within the technology filled wasteland that surrounds their industrial hub. Whenever enough new units are found, the engines of a new factory are once again brought to life, their gears creaking, ringing out to the world for the first time in years.

The industrial center is not a safe place for any common person. If one is not careful they can easily find themselves trapped in otherworldly dimensional contortions, huge rifts in time and space, and even impenetrable cages left behind from ages past. Those who work within the confines of the area understand how to utilize and avoid such obstacles, however any new comers must be ever careful of such dangerous phenomena.

The industrial world is one of intrigue, science, and invention. It is a world filled to the brim with heaps of knowledge and creativity. But it is shrouded by a darker side of condescension and spacial rifts. However those who wish to bring their scientific mind to its entire potential are sure to find solace within this land’s borders, as they work to create the ultimate invention of mechanical genius.



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